How to win (and jars explained)

Things work a little differently here at Jar of Secrets. Instead of relying on luck you have to rely on mental fortitude. Top prizes are awarded to the first five people (in tiers) who are able to solve the demands of the jar. In a nut shell — it is a race / competition against everyone else who has brought said jar.

So what is a jar? How does it work, and what can I win? Good questions! We currently have three jars all styled around different themes these are: The Puzzle Jar, The Challenge Jar and The Treasure Jar. we will go into detail on what these jars are and how they work in a moment, but for now – what can you win? Each jar is packed with sweets / goodies ontop of the prize. These prizes are awarded for ‘completing’ the task of the jar and given to you in the form of a virtual currency we call salvage.

Salvage is what you can use on our online shop to redeem for cash, vouchers, hoildays or even various goodies (to name a few) this currency never expires and is automatically added to your account once you have completed the task of the jar. Even if you are unable (for whatever reason) to finish the task; you can still redeem a code for salvage points, so you will NEVER come out of this empty handed.

The Puzzle Jar

Inside this jar we have added a cryptic puzzle. The task is very simple: solve the puzzle. It’ll always be a one or two word answer and it is that answer (combined with the unique bottle code found inside each jar) that will net you the grand prize. It isn’t luck, its timing and skill that will net you the top prize of £500. Remember you are in direct competition with everyone else who has brought this jar. Once all top prizes have been redeemed the puzzle will reset. This jar is not for the faint of heart, these puzzles are designed to be extremely difficult so don’t expect them to be solved over night.

The Challenge Jar

For those of the more ‘creative’ mindset, a simple jar that tasks you with completing a short list of items from a list. The only rule is that every item must match the description AND everything must all fit inside the jar. Items on the list might be (for example) a red stone shaped like a cube or a blue ribbon. The top prize is awarded to the person who completes this list first. Again, you will be in direct competition with everyone else who has brought this jar. Once all the top prizes have been claimed, the list will reset. The items on the list will be easily obtainable but will require some creative thinking to acquire, don’t expect this jar to be a cake-walk but at the same time it is not impossible either. Remember: as long as the item resembles the description you should be fine.

The Treasure Jar

If you ever wanted to live out that fantasy as a pirate looking for treasure — this jar is the one for you. Unlike our other jars there is some luck that determines if you win the grand prize or not aka £500 – however also unlike our other two jars these are NOT shared. Each treasure jar you buy is unique, and asigned its very own chest. At current we hide chests within a 16 mile radius of Stratford Upon Avon (Warwickshire) so if you do not live locally to this area please do not buy this jar. Remember you will ALWAYS win something, even if you are unable to locate the chest. We do not bury the chests for lawful reasons, nor do we hide chests on private property (i.e. someones back garden) so please, please do not go digging up council land or public footpaths. All our chests are very well hidden and will require use of the map and the clue we provide to find. Once you do find the chest, it will provide you will the other half of the code that can be used to redeem for the virtual points.

To stress this again; the treasure jar is the ONLY jar you can buy more than once and get multiple prizes. The challenge and puzzle jars are all tied to the same prize pool, so it really does not make sense to buy multiple copies of these jars unless you are buying for a friend or as a present.

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