Supporting Good causes!

Jar Of Secrets is not just an innovating take on the modern lotto idea – its an experience! Each jar is packed full of goodies and treats, and unlike modern forms of the lottery: everyone is a winner! Thats right, even if you don’t win the main prize you are always guaranteed to win something, ONTOP of all the awesome goodies inside the jar.

Who can I support?

At checkout you will have the option to pick a charity from a list, 15% of the total sale will go to said charity! At the end of every month we publish the total funds raised on our Facebook page and as a blog post on both here and our point exchange website. If your charity is not listed you can always make a request to us via email requesting that we add your charity to the list.

When are my funds donated?

We automatically donate all funds collected for charity on the 25th of every month. Reports follow shortly after where you can see the totals raised for each charity and any invoices (if requested)

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