About Our jars

Our Jars

We have three great jars on offer which will be detailed below. Two of these jars the ‘challenge jar’ and the ‘puzzle’ jar have prizes that are shared while the treasure jar is assigned a unique chest for each jar.

Puzzle Jar

Our puzzle jar contains a difficult brainteaser, can you solve it? The puzzle will change once all the grand prizes have been claimed. For this reason we only recommend buying one of these jars (unless you are buying for a friend) as the puzzle will be the same. Only one grand prize can be claimed per person, buying multiple jars does not entitle you to another prize.

Challenge Jar

This jar requires a bit more creative thinking. The jar contains a list of 20 common and uncommon items, can you complete the list and win the grand prize? Just like the puzzle jar the list of items will only change (aka the jar) when all grand prizes have been claimed. Only one prize can be claimed per person.

Treasure Jar

Each of these jars contains a unique map and clue leading to a chest which we have hidden within a 16 mile radius of Stratford Upon Avon. Each chest contains a random amount of salvage and requires two codes to redeem, one from the jar and one found in the chest.