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Top Prizes / Chances

Aside from the treasure jar, all top prizes are tied to a first-come-first-serve basis. This means that the odds (in theory) of you winning the top prize are 100% assuming you are the first one to claim it. Things are a little different when it comes to the treasure jar where odds and chance do […]

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How to win (and jars explained)

Things work a little differently here at Jar of Secrets. Instead of relying on luck you have to rely on mental fortitude. Top prizes are awarded to the first five people (in tiers) who are able to solve the demands of the jar. In a nut shell — it is a race / competition against […]

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Supporting Good causes!

Jar Of Secrets is not just an innovating take on the modern lotto idea – its an experience! Each jar is packed full of goodies and treats, and unlike modern forms of the lottery: everyone is a winner! Thats right, even if you don’t win the main prize you are always guaranteed to win something, […]

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