• Can I have more than one jar at a time? Yep! You can have as many jars as you like. However, bare in mind the challenge jar and the puzzle jar are tired to a pool of prizes thus it is not worth buying multiple puzzle / challenge jars. The treasure jars are unique however and you can buy as many of these jars as you like.
  • My chest is missing / unable to find it what do I do? – Due to the nature of how the jars work we are unable to replace the missing chest, or help you find said chest if you are unable to find it. For this very reason you will have to use the forfit code in this case. Although we make every effort to ensure this never happens, we can not guarantee that the chest will always be there.
  • What if I am unable to complete the task? – We offer a ‘forfit’ code which can be found inside the jar. This code will always reward you with the minimum amount of salvage.
  • What happens when all the prizes have been claimed for the challenge / puzzle jars? – If you are able to solve these jars when all grand prizes have been claimed — you will still be able to get credit just enter the answer as normal. You can check the status of the latest winners in our blog or on Facebook.
  • Where do I get my ‘salvage’ aka points? All points are awarded on our main website: www.eco-earth-recycling.com this is also the location of our shop.