How it all works

What are we?

Jar Of Secrets is a re-creation of the lotto designed by Thomas Rogers. Not only is Jar Of Secrets an experience that supports good causes, it also ensures you will always win, even if you are unable to complete the task. We have three amazing jars to pick from all tailored towards different styles of thinking. Each jar contains the documents needed for the task, plus a few goodies we add extra.

What happens when I complete a jar task?

Each jar rewards you with our virtual currency we call ‘Salvage’ this currency can be used on our other website and redeemed for items or even cash. Even if you are unable to complete the task you will still get some credit in the form of a ‘forfit code’ you will need to register again on our other website ( as this is the shop where you can spend your points.

Puzzle Jar

The puzzle jar contains a difficult puzzle (aka a brainteaser) when all the prizes have been claimed the puzzle will reset. If after 30 days (one month) all ‘top’ prizes have not been claimed an additional £250 will be added to the prize. You will be in competition with everyone else who buys the puzzle jar so it is a ‘race against time’ to who can solve it first. Once you are sure you have the answer to the puzzle go to the homepage and press ‘redeem code’ this will re-direct you to our main website where you will be able to save or spend your salvage points.

On the redeem code section type in the bottle code (found inside the documents) plus, what you think is the answer to the problem e.g. BT123456789Water the bottle code always starts with BT followed by 9 digits. If the answer is correct, then the points will be credited to your account.

Challenge Jar

This jar contains a list of 20 items, some common, some uncommon – tha must be collected and stored in the jar. You can use manipulate other items to create the desired item on the list, for example: one item on the list might be a red stone – painting a stone red would be one way to fulfil the requirment. The only rules are

  • All items must fit inside the jar
  • All items must match the description on the list

Assuming the two rules are met then you can send the jar to the address inside the documents. We will then award the ‘salvage’ aka points once we have checked everything is OK (normally 1 working day of us getting the jar) we have 5 grand prizes to award

  • 1st Prize – £150 (awarded in points)
  • 2nd  prize – £50 (awarded in points)
  • 3rd prize – £25 (awarded in points)
  • 4th prize – £15 (awarded in points)
  • 5th prize – £10 (awarded in points)
  • All others – 2000 salvage

Treasure Jar

This jar works differently to our other two jars, as you are not in direct competition with anyone else. Each jar is assigned a unique chest which we hide within a 16 mile radius of Stratford Upon Avon. Your goal is to use the clue and map to try and find the hidden chest. Each chest contains a random number of salvage but will always contain at least 1,000 with the top prize being 250,000 in salvage. Salvage is our ‘virtual’ currency which you can use to redeem for items or cash on our sister website:

  • 2,000 salvage – 1 in 3 chance
  • 3,000 salvage – 1 in 4 chance
  • 4,000 salvage – 1 in 5 chance
  • 5,000 salvage – 1 in 6 chance
  • 10,000 salvage – 1 in 12 chance
  • 20,000 salvage – 1 in 20 chance
  • 50,000 salvage – 1 in 100 chance
  • 100,000 salvage – 1 in 300 chance
  • 250,000 salvage – 1 in 500 chance

We work out the ‘odds’ by counting the amount of these jars we sell and ensuring the numbers match up with the above; for example every 12 jar we sell will have 10,000 salvage, every 20th jar we sell will have 20,000 and every 500th jar we sell will have 250,000. This cycle is repeated over and over. On the off chance you are not able to find the chest, or it has been taken by someone else — we offer a forfit code which will always credit you the lowest amount i.e. 2,000. If, by any chance you are able to find a chest that does not match up with your jar (this is very unlikely) you will not be able to redeem it as you need two codes to claim the contents of that chest. One of these codes is inside your jar while the other can be found inside the chest; to win the prize you will have to combine both the codes then go to the ‘redeem code’ section and type in the code to gain full credit.