Our mission

Our Mission

Jar Of Secrets aims to promote creative thinking while also helping to raise money for good causes. 15% of every sale will go to charity. We do this by offering unique jars which are:

  • Challenge Jar – You are tasked with collecting 20 items, all of which must be found and returned to us in order to win the prize
  • Puzzle Jar – A difficult brainteaser where you are tasked with finding the answer. We have 5 top prizes which are redeemed in order to whoever solves the puzzle first.
  • Treasure Jar – You are tasked with finding a chest hidden within a 16 mile radius of Stratford Upon Avon; the chest contains ‘salvage’ aka points which can be used on our main website for prizes.

Offering a store front for users to buy special items

All jars offer a virtual currency called ‘Salvage’ which you can use to buy items / goods on our main website, or you can redeem for cash rewards. The amount of ‘Salvage’ yo get from the jars depends on the jar itself.