Our Motivation

Why we do what we do

Jar Of Secrets was set up by Thomas Rogers as a fun creative project that not only raises funds for charities close to our hearts but also to help rekindle that magic that we all seem to lose growing up.


Every one of us has the power to do amazing things; unfortunately very few people are willing to truly push themselves and end up settling or giving up on their hopes and dreams. Jar Of Secrets was set up to try and rekindle that wonder and mystery we all had as kids but lost growing up be that hunting for treasure, being creative or spending hours on end trying to solve a difficult puzzle.

Jar Of Secrets at its core is all about fun and being playful, bringing people together and raising money for good causes.

But deep down I want Jar Of Secrets to be an inspiration to young and old. The world will constantly try to box you in and force youd own a linear road. We want to show you it is OK to have wacky and insane ideas and want to encourage you to go all out: Inventing robotic shoes that automatically head to the shoe rack? Go for it! A door bell that gives out sweets everytime it is pressed, why not? Earth has troubling times a head with such global issues as: rising sea levels and plastic destorying our sea we need people like you to invent and create new and exciting ways to tackle these issues. Never, for a moment should you believe that you do not have the power to do anything, because you do.

‘The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it’

–Robert Swan