Challenge Jar


List of Prizes

  • 1st Prize – 18,000 salvage
  • 2nd  prize – 9,000 salvage
  • 3rd prize – 7,000 salvage
  • 4th prize – 5,000 salvage
  • 5th prize – 4,000 salvage
  • All others – 2,000 salvage


A great jar for those who are good at creative thinking. The jar contains a list of 20 common and uncommon items (all easy to find or make); however this jar requires you to do some clever thinking as you may need to think outside the box to complete this list.

As an example, one item on the list could be a yellow stick shaped like a ‘C’ — you can use other items, i.e. paint on the stick the only rule is all 20 items must fit inside the jar. Once you complete the list of items send it back to us, the first person to do this wins the grand prize of £150. You will be in competition with anyone else who buys this jar so bare that in mind. Once all the prizes have been redeemed a new challenge jar will be added and the prizes will reset. If you are unable to complete the list a ‘forfit’ code will be in the paperwork that awards 1,000 salvage points (for use on our main website)


Jar contents: Item list and documents, 100g of sweets / chocolates (randomly picked)


*15% of this sale goes to a charity of your choice



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