Puzzle Jar


This jar contains a very difficult brainteaser (not for the faint of heart) each jar contains a random amount of salavage (points) which you can use on our main website: www.eco-earth-recycling.com to redeem for items / goods or even cash.

However the top prize of £500 will go to the first person who is able to solve this difficult brainteaser. Please note that if the riddle is not solved within 30 days an additional £500 will be added to the prize and several clues maybe added to our Facebook page (so keep an eye out for those!)

Once the problem has been solved a new brainteaser will be added and the process will start again. We only recommend this jar for those who like cryptic challanges / brainteasers, you will also be in competition with anyone else who buys this jar so bare that in mind.

If you want to go for something a little less competitive we recommend you try the treasure jar.


Jar contents: Brainteaser and documents, 1000 – 3000 salvage points, sweets / chocolates


As always *15% of this sale goes to a charity of your choice.



What does my jar contain?

  • 1000 salvage 1 in 2 chance
  • 2000 salvage 1 in 3 chance
  • 3000 salvage 1 in 4 chance


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