Terms and Conditions

We kindly ask that respect is shown when hunting for chests (treasure jars) due to the laws of the UK we are forbidden from ‘burying’ on private land. Under no circumstances are you to dig (even in public areas) all chests will be hidden in lawfully reachable places. We never hide chests on private land (i.e. someones back garden) and take NO RESPONSIBILITY if you decide to venture into private property or venture into dangerous terran i.e. busy roads. Please also note that after two weeks all unclaimed chests will be collected. Jar Of Secrets has a duty to uphold the laws of the UK and also a duty to the environment; for this reason our chests have been designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Please also check: Our privacy policy

Buying Jars

  • We can not accept returns once the jar has been shipped, due to the nature of how the jars work. In the event that you are unable to complete the task assigned to the ‘jar’ a forfit code can be redeemed for credit.
  • If the jar fails to arrive a new one will be sent out to you (at our expense) please note that this does not apply if the jar has been signed for and has gone missing. We also reserve the right to not refund for missing / damaged jars (if) evidence is found to support the claim.
  • We normally ship the day after an order has been made online and it can take upto 5 working days for the package to arrive. If, for whatever reason the jar becomes void i.e. the task is finished before it arrives — we hold no responsibility as this is something we have no control over; however a forfit code is offered as a gesture of good will. We also do the very best we can to ensure this does not happen and may cancel your order (if we can) to prevent this.
  • You are allowed to buy as many jars as you wish — however bare in mind doing so may yeld little benefit i.e. the puzzle jar which remains the same jar until that puzzle is solved.
  • Each jar is assigned to the ‘bill payer’ and any claims made will be checked against the details we hold via the PayPal invoice. Third parties can only make claims when we have permission (in written form) by the bill payer of the jar.

Redeeming ‘salvage’

  • Salvage are points (aka a virtual ‘currency’ you can use on our main website (www.eco-earth-recycling.com) to buy goods or exchange for cash rewards. They do not expire and can only be earned via the jars. The amount of salvage earned depends on he task / jar.
  • Cash prizes will be awarded in salvage when listed in pounds i.e. £500, this amount is credited in salvage points and can be redeemed for cash if you so desire on our main website
  • In order to get full credit you must be able to prove you are the owner of said bottle; something we check on our end, you must also provide both codes (when relevent)
  • If, for whatever reason you are able to solve a jar i.e. the puzzle jar without buying said jar full credit will not be awarded. Credit can only be awarded to a jar ‘owner’ (someone who has the jar) using a code from a jar that does not match up with the owner who brought the jar will void the reward unless the owner of the code gives permission for you to do so.
  • In order to claim credit you must also sign up to our sister site: www.eco-earth-recycling.com

Sharing / working together

  • You are allowed to ‘ask’ for help and publish the contents of the jar however only a ‘jar owner’ (as said above) can claim the reward thus a third party (who may have the answer) will be unable to claim credit; this also applies to chests. We advice caution when posting your map / clue documents because if they find the chest using your documents you will not get credit either and we will be unable to compensate you.
  • Giving out your jar to someone else DOES NOT transfer ownership, if you intend to give away your jar (or buy as a gift) you need to tell us in writing who you are giving the jar to otherwise no credit will be awarded.